Welcome to The Victory Meals Program
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1. What does Victory Meals have to offer?
The Victory Meals Program offers its clients new hope for long-term control of eating through focus on control of involuntary triggering of cravings for harmful refined foods

2.How do I use my Victory Meals daypack?
You receive your day-pack in the afternoon. Take out the dinner and eat it when you get hungry. If you work late, eat it before you leave for home. Take the breakfast, lunch, and snack (if you haven't eaten it yet) HOME WITH YOU!

When you get home, put the breakfast and lunch in the fridge. Put the ice pack in the freezer. The next morning, enjoy your breakfast within the first hour of waking. Put your lunch and freezer pack back in the insulated bag. Take your lunch with you where ever you might be headed for the day.

3.How do I get my lunch before noon?
Please indicate to our order manager or customer service manager any special instructions for your meal delivery.

4.What is the snack?
Snack is a hard-boiled egg, or the smaller serving of sausage in your breakfast, plus one serving of fruit.

5.How does the snack work?
Snack is best used whenever you have a gap between meals or before bed.

6.How can we find out what’s going to be delivered in the future?
Click here to view our weekly meal packs.

7.How can I eat so much food and lose weight?
All of our meals are low in caloric value.

8.Do I have to eat all this food?
No. Eat only until you feel satisfied. If you are extremely active you might want, or need to eat the entire portion.

Eat equal portions of each protein, vegetable & starch, this will keep your blood glucose stable, eliminating food cravings. Save the rest of the meal for when you get hungry.

9.How do you tell if you’re having a craving or actually hungry?
If it’s refined food it’s craving

10.What do I do about my medications?
Consult with your health practitioner
or call our on-staff RN.

11.Can I salt my food?
Yes. The amount of salt you add is a fraction of what manufacturers use.

12.Can I add herbs and spices to my meal?
Yes. Just check for any hidden sweeteners or added ingredients.

13.What should I drink?
Water. If you drink coffee you may continue that
minus any sweeteners or milk/cream.

14.Where did this food plan come from?
Over 16 years of experience with food addicts anonymous, and Dr. Ifland’s research. If any foods were found to trigger cravings they were eliminated from our meal plan.

15.Where do I get my calcium from?
Calcium can be found in many of the vegatables and animal sources found in Victory Meals.
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