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The Victory Meals Program consists of delicious prepared meals, food coaching, and nutrition education serving the Houston area.  Victory Meals' menu formulation is the result of decades of research and clinical experience.  Prepared Victory Meals contain carefully selected unrefined proteins, fruits, vegetables, and starches. 

We want to earn your business, keep you healthy and help you stop worrying about food.  Join the adventure today and find out how eating unrefined can improve your health!

Joan Ifland
300 Shepherd Drive
Houston, Texas 77007

Manager of Ordering


Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA
Dr. Ifland earned her doctorate in addictive nutrition in 2010.  

She is the founder and CEO of Victory Meals a comprehensive, long-term diet management program.  www.victorymeals.com 

She is also the founder and chair of Refined Food Addiction (ReFA) Research Foundation.  www.refinedfoodaddiction.org. She has conducted successful research into the use of addiction assessment criteria for eating. 

She is the lead author on the first academically published article describing food addiction in humans as well as the difference between addictive and non-addictive foods. This article has been widely cited in its first two years of publication. 

She is the co-founder of the Society of Food Addiction Professionals and co-organized their first and second annual Conferences.  

She is the author of the popular book, Sugars and Flours: How they make us Crazy, Sick, and Fat which continues to sell in the top 3% of all Amazon books 10 years after publication. 

In addition to being a regular guest on Fox National Radio Network, she has been interviewed for PBS and has written the Joan on Food columns for United Press International. 

Dr. Ifland has been teaching professional and lay audiences about food addiction since 1996.

We want to give our clients the best chance to enjoy and experience all benefits The Victory Meals Program has to offer. Food coaching, recipes, spice blends and education contribute to our clients success rate in the long term and we hope our clients take advantage of our expertise and knowledge.

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